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Virtual Concert Series: John Treherne

Early keyboard player John Treherne sat at the piano

FREE Virtual Concert Series
Concert #3:
Inside the music room 

An intimate invitation into the music room of performer, composer and educator John Treherne.

First aired Fri 9 Oct, now available to watch here

This autumn the Lit & Phil is delighted to present five specially produced concerts by some of the regions’ most talented professional musicians who have all been Lit & Phil favourites over the years. They reflect the eclectic range of musical styles for which the Lit & Phil is famed.

Audiences can delight in offerings from baroque cello and violin duo Miriam Nohl & Marguerite Wassermann, jazz piano/sax duo Paul Edis & Graeme Wilson, classical violinist John Garner and a player of historic keyboards John Treherne MBE.  The series will culminate with a suitably special finale concert by two extraordinary local pianists, Alison Gill & Yoshie Kawamura playing Saint Saens’ Carnival of the Animals and Faurè’s Dolly Suite.

Each concert will last about thirty minutes and go live on the Lit & Phil’s YouTube channel every Friday lunchtime at 1pm. The concerts are free and will remain on the channel once broadcast. 

Viewers are of course welcome to make a donation to the musicians, or to us if they prefer, to enable us to continue the programme beyond October.

Concert #3 Early keyboards:
John Treherne MBE   

John Treherne MBE is a passionate educator and ambassador for music and has a particular interest in early keyboards. With his ensemble Concert Royal he has toured throughout Europe as well as the Americas, as well as producing several recordings. He is also active as a composer from symphonies and concerti to children’s musicals, orchestral movements and songs both for adults and younger children, many of which have been published. For this very personal concert John invites us into his music room, giving some insights into one of his square pianos on which he then gives a short recital of pieces by Haydn, Mozart and Clementi.

This concert first aired Fri 9 Oct, now available to watch here

The virtual concert schedule:

Concert #1 Baroque: Miriam Nohl & Marguerite Wassermann
First aired 25 Sep. The oldest music of the series with 17th and 18th century composers Bach and Corelli played on baroque cello and violin by two expert and experienced players of the baroque repertoire. Watch here

Concert #2 Contemporary Jazz: Paul Edis & Graeme Wilson           
First aired 2 Oct. All original 21st century contemporary jazz written and played by local legends of the genre Paul Edis and Graeme Wilson on keyboard and sax. Watch here

Concert #3 Early keyboards: John Treherne MBE   
First aired 9 Oct. An intimate invitation into the music room of performer, composer and educator John Treherne.               
Watch here 

Concert #4 Violin:
John Garner 
First aired 16th October.  Violinist John Garner, the presenter of the fourth concert is one of those musicians who is hard to pigeonhole. He plays the violin, but one time it could be Bach, another jazz, another
South Indian music. For this concert he adds a new violin part to some of his own tracks.  Watch here

Concert #5 A spectacular finale:
Alison Gill & Yoshie Kawamura                

First aired 23rd October.
Finally, a real treat. The piano duet is domestic making par excellence, and Alison Gill and Yoshie Kawamura play two much loved favourites, The Carnival of the Animals and Faurés Dolly Suite with warmth and enjoyment.

Watch here

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