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The Magnetic Solar System: Shock Waves & Space Weather

View of the earth from space at night showing the lights of cities

February | Thu 27th | 18:30

Women in STEM 
(science, technology, engineering and maths) 

A Lecture by
Dr Imogen Gingell

The Magnetic Solar System: Shock Waves & Space Weather

This event is part of the Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) series of lectures, talks and panels organised  jointly by the Lit & Phil, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Women’s Engineering Society, Palace of Science, the Institute of Physics, and the Institution of Civil Engineers.  The aim of these events is to celebrate the amazing work done by women in their area of STEM

The Institute of Physics is proud to present a talk by Dr Imogen Gingell who holds a Royal Society University Research Fellowship at the University of Southampton. She studies the interaction between solar plasma and the Earth's magnetic field using machine learning techniques.

The Sun is continuously ejecting a hot, magnetised gas known as the “Solar Wind.” These winds are highly variable, and violent solar events like flares and coronal mass ejections can have significant impact even at Earth. Imogen will introduce the past, present and future of NASA and ESA’s space monitoring fleet, and demonstrate some of the unique ways in which magnetic fields can lead to explosive energy transfer around the solar system. Discover whether humans should be worried about extreme solar events, how the Sun is linked to the Northern Lights, and why Earth has its own “sonic boom.”

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(image court. of NASA via Unsplash)

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