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The witches of Newcastle

Photo of Cara Hamilton, enshrouded in darkness holding a skull
Cara Hamilton. Image provided by performer.

Friday 21st October 7pm

with Cara Hamilton

Live | £12/10

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Witches of Newcastle were tortured and executed, but what was the truth?

Dare you step into the cauldron of time?  Join professional mind-reader and historical witchcraft expert, Cara Hamilton for a night you’ll not forget.

After last year's Witches of Newcastle proved such an incredible event Cara returns to present the tale of our local Witchcraft  and how it spread across the UK, Europe and North America. See practical demonstrations and enthralling performances that will whisk you back to the era when the fear of witchcraft gripped the nation. Witness experiments such as putting pins in clay effigies, the scrying bowl and the black mirror. See genuine witch bottles and relics from Cara's own dark museum.

Discover the shocking acts of necromancers, and explore the beliefs and folklore of the time. If witchcraft intrigues you, don’t miss this event!

All under 18s must be accompanied by an adult."

(If you would prefer to book directly over the phone, please call the Library Desk team on 0191 232 0192 and they will be happy to help)