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The Early Years of Gertrude Bell

Photo of a young Gertrude Bell

Thursday 15th September 6pm

With Margaret Bozic

A FREE Lit & Phil Live Event

This talk will explore her family and upbringing in Washington and Coatham in the nineteenth century and about Gertrude’s education in London and at Oxford, including the prejudice against women students at that time.

Gertrude Bell was an amazing woman. Born in 1868, in Washington, County Durham, she was the first woman to gain the equivalent of a first class degree at Oxford University. She was a diplomat, an adventurer and it was she who drew up some of the boundaries in the Middle East after the First World War.

This talk will explore her beginnings. How a woman born in Washington, and who spent the first thirty years of her life in Coatham, near Redcar, became such a colossus.

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