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Roman Art series: Representing the Romans

Painting of Roman men constructing a castle
Th Building of New Castle 1080, William Bell Scott (The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne)

Wednesday 20th July 6pm

Representing the Romans | Roman Art series with Dr Gail-Nina Anderson

Live | £5

Representing the Romans

    Think of Hadrian’s Wall and you probably call up Victorian painter William Bell Scott’s Wallington mural of a Roman building site on the English/Scottish border. While white marble statues may seem arid and unapproachable, later artists have giftwrapped Roman life into an easily-absorbed,  pervasively persuasive  soap-opera of human interest. Even though drawing on the art and descriptions of Rome itself, however, the historical accuracy of such representations inevitably gets coloured by later tastes, producing the “Victorians in togas” effect.  From scantily-draped ladies on marble benches to sturdy soldiers, whimsical domestic incidents and surprising scenes from the home-lives of assorted emperors, this lecture will discuss how art has re-packaged the Romans.

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