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black and white photograph of writer and philosopher Frederich Nietzsche
Via Zoom

Sue Prideaux: Nietzsche and Dionysus


Thursday 19 August 6pm (via Zoom)
Sue Prideaux

“It is truly wondrous,” a colleague said of Friedrich Nietzsche, “how two souls strive next to each other in this man. On the one hand the strictest methods of scientific research…On the other hand, he plunges into the fantastic and rhapsodic mysteries of art, religion and ecstasy.”

Nietzsche described these warring tensions within himself – and us - as the conflict between Apollo and Dionysus: between scientific rationality and our irrational impulses to orgiastic chaos, ecstasy and emotion.

This talk explores the genesis of Nietzsche’s important theory of the Apollonian and the Dionysian, and the big part played in its formation by his desperate love for his best friend’s wife.

Sue Prideaux’s biography I Am Dynamite! A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche, won the Hawthornden Prize, was Times biography the year and has been published in 30
countries, including Brazil, China, Iran, Iraq and Korea, to her surprise and delight.

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