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colour portrait painting of Napoleon standing in full military garb next to a writing desk

Napoleon Lives! Death, Resurrection and the Napoleonic Legend, 1821-2021


Napoleon Lives! Death, Resurrection and the Napoleonic Legend, 1821-2021

A Lit & Phil lecture via Zoom

Thursday 1 July 6pm. Free

Dr Laura O’Brien

'Pay what you wish'

There is no set ticket price for this event, but if you would like to make a small donation to support the good work of The Lit & Phil we would be very grateful.

Please book your place via the shopping basket above, and you will then be sent a Zoom invitation. Note that you don't have to have Zoom installed on your device to take part.

On 5 May 1821, Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on Saint Helena. While the initial reaction to news of his death in Europe was rather muted, a powerful legend of Napoleon soon emerged in the years that followed, fuelled by popular images, memorial objects, theatrical adaptations of Napoleon’s life, and even a persistent belief in some quarters that he had never actually died. Two hundred years after his death, Napoleon still has the power to generate debate and controversy. Join Dr Laura O’Brien as she explores the extraordinary afterlife of this fascinating and controversial historical figure in politics, memory, and popular culture.

Dr Laura O’Brien is Senior Lecturer in Modern European History at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne. An expert in the cultural and political history of modern France, she is currently working on a study of Napoleon in theatre and cinema. Dr O’Brien is a contributor to History Today, the TLS, and Apollo magazine, and appears regularly in the media to discuss her research, including an appearance on the “Young Napoleon” episode of BBC Radio 4’s hugely popular podcast You’re Dead to Me.

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