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Honeybee Diseases and Their Impacts

Photo of bees on a honeycomb

Thursday 22nd September 6pm

With Jacob Smith

A FREE Lit & Phil Live Event

In Europe, up to 84% of crop pollination is dependant on pollinating insects, with up to 15% of crops being pollinated by managed honeybee colonies in the UK alone. The phenomenon of colony collapse disorder is detrimental to beekeeping from the hobbyist up to the commercial scale, and its causes not fully understood; though suggested reasons include infection from parasites, bacteria, and other diseases. This talk will explore several diseases and their impacts on beekeeping in the UK.

Jacob Smith is a student at Newcastle University and President of the Bee Society. He takes an active role in educating students at the institution about beekeeping and other pollinating insects, from lectures given to BeeSoc members, to leading hive inspections alongside other students in the society's hives.

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