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Haunted: The Border Readers

Black and white photo of pale skinned girl holding a finger to her lips
Image provided by performers.

Wednesday 26th October 7pm

Haunted: Readings by The Border Readers

Live | £7 


Fictional Ghost Story Readings for Halloween

Northumberland’s ‘Border Readers’ return to the Lit & Phil in the run up to Halloween with more live readings of classic, modern and contemporary ghost stories. An intimate listening experience suitable for anyone aged 10 – 100.

The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

‘When a golden girl can win prayer from out the lips of sin… then shall all the house be still, And peace come to Canterville’

A stately home’s Elizabethan ghost wages war on the sceptical American family who are its new owners. Only the daughter’s love and innocence can resolve matters. Wilde’s masterful tale blends gothic goings on with comedy & romance.

The Demon Lover by Elizabeth Bowen

‘Wherever he may be waiting, I shall not know him. You have no time to run from a face you do not expect.’

Set in a bomb damaged suburb in the wake of the London blitz this superbly atmospheric narrative is a chilling study of coercion from beyond the grave.

Teeth and Hair by Christine Poulson

‘A row of teeth like the nodules of a spine lay down the centre of the mattress. She gasped and shut her eyes. When she opened them they weren’t teeth. They were pearls, pearl buttons, like the ones torn from the wedding dress…’

Live in nanny Nell is haunted by the late mother of the girl she’s caring for over the long summer holidays… Another finely crafted contemporary horror from the author of Safe as Houses, which featured in an earlier ‘Haunted’ tour.

The Border Readers are regionally based professional actors who give themed  literary readings, produced by Stephen Tomlin. For more information visit:  

(If you would prefer to book directly over the phone, please call the Library Desk team on 0191 232 0192 and they will be happy to help)