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H. P. Lovecraft: Gallery of Screams

Photo of skull on book with candle

Friday 17th June 7pm

H. P. Lovecraft: Gallery of Screams Performed by Robert Lloyd Parry

Live | £12

Gallery of Screams

Two weird tales by H P Lovecraft

Adapted and Performed by R M Lloyd Parry

“Any magazine-cover hack can splash paint around and call it a ‘Witches’ Sabbath or ‘Portrait of the Devil.’ But only a real artist can make it scare you…”

In these haunting short stories by H P Lovecraft, the American master of the weird tale, an art critic and a philosopher get pushed to edge of sanity by the images and sounds they confront.

Pickman’s Model introduces us to the uncannily brilliant paintings of Richard Upton Pickman, a genius shunned by the artistic establishment because of the sickening realism of his canvases. It is paired with The Music of Eric Zann, an eerie tale of inspiration and possession that Lovecraft himself counted as a personal favourite.

Robert Lloyd Parry has spend the last 15 years enacting The M R James Project, a series of one-man shows based on classic English ghost stories. Here he crosses the Atlantic to pay tribute to James’s exact contemporary – a stranger, sadder man but one with an arguably even greater talent for bringing nightmares to life.

“Utterly mesmerizing” The Washington Post

on The M R James Project

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