Thursday 5th September | 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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Angels Of the North | Image provided by promoter

Thursday 5th September | 6pm

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Hosted by Joyce Quin

Author and hosts Joyce Quin | Image provided by promoter

Following the success of the first volume of Angels of the North, authors Joyce Quin and Moira Kilkenny went in search of more north east women whose achievements have either been overlooked or deserve further celebration. In this second volume we can enjoy the results of their extensive research as they bring to life the work and personalities of a further thirty-five inspirational women.

From ground-breaking scientists and artists to campaigning politicians and social reformers, the women in this collection have contributed to numerous improvements in public life. Some did this by quietly undertaking painstaking research, while others took very public risks and challenged authority and the status quo. The achievements of these dedicated women were often ignored during their lifetimes, but now we can appreciate the level of commitment and determination they had to succeed, often against all odds.

Indeed, many of these women faced extreme difficulties in their lives. One woman had to escape from slavery, while some faced dangers in war zones and others took on powerful political and religious institutions with bravery and selfless acts. This all makes for a gripping read as the stories of these lives are often moving and dramatic – taking unexpected twists and turns.

As in the first volume, we hope this collection of brief biographies inspires people, young and older, and encourages further research and writing on these remarkable women.

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