10 week novel writing course (Afternoon)

Tuesday 1st October | 2:00 pm to Tuesday 3rd December | 4:00 pm

LIVE Lit & Phil Event | £120

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Creative Writing 2

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Tuesday 1st October – Tuesday 3rd December | 2 – 4 pm

Tutor Ellen Phethean

Whether you’re just starting with an idea or whether you’re half way through a first draft, this ten week course will help you to start, and keep on, writing.

Each week we’ll explore different techniques and elements of novel writing, whether it’s mustering your ideas, giving you creative prompts, or helping you find ways to structure your writing. We will look at examples of classic texts from a wide range of authors, and we’ll be sharing work in progress with group discussions. This course will give helpful feedback and support writers to keep up the momentum.

Email: phetheanellen237@gmail.com for more info


Book via Lit&Phil, tel: 0191 232 0192

Fee £120 payable to Ellen Phethean at the start of the course