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Reading under lockdown review competition

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This is a time when more and more of you are reading more and more, and we would really like to hear about the book you have most enjoyed during the coronavirus lockdown. So we are very happy to be able to announce our second literary competition, very kindly sponsored by one of our members. 

There are three £20 book voucher prizes for the best reviews in each of the following age groups, so nine book tokens in all to be won.

The details:

Up to and including 12’s

  • What book did you enjoy reading the most during the coronavirus lockdown?
  • What was it about?
  • Why did you like it?

(Maximum 300 words)

Teenagers (13 to 18)

  • What book did you enjoy reading the most during the coronavirus lockdown?
  • How did it help you deal with the restrictions?

(Maximum 500 words)

Adults (Over 18)

  • A review of a book that has been useful for reflecting on the lockdown restrictions 

(Maximum 600 words)

Conditions of entry:

  • Each participant can only submit one entry and the entry must be the author’s own work and not published elsewhere. Entries will be accepted from anywhere in the world (but must be in English). 
  • There are three judges for the competition; the sponsor (who prefers to remain anonymous) and authors Val Boyle and Mike Golding.
  • In each category, the three reviews with the highest scores will be awarded a £20 National Book Token which will be sent to the author of the winning entry as soon after the close of the competition as possible. If the winning author is not in the UK then we will find a way of sending a prize of equivalent value.
  • The winning entries will be announced as soon as possible after the competition close date and published on the Lit & Phil’s website and in the next available issue of the Lit & Phil magazine. Copyright in the entries remains with the authors and entry into the competition signifies acceptance of these rules and agreement to your work being published by the Lit & Phil.
  • Entry is by completing the form for which the links appropriate to each category are given below – just click on the appropriate button.
  • The closing date is midnight July 4th 2020 (GMT).


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