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It’s like a war.

“Over by Christmas” is a bitter joke

(We’ve heard that one before!)

To show we know we bear a common yoke,

Just like a war.


It’s like a war.

We’ll spend just what it takes to tackle it;

That’s what taxes are for.

Employment, though, will have to take a hit,

Not like a war.


It’s like a war.

Shortages are caused by panic buying

(Hoarding, we used to call

It), but you still can buy olives and wine,

Not like a war.


It’s like a war:

Counting the dead in thousands, deeming it

Success that they’re not more,

While those who let them die claim the credit,

Just like a war.

About the author

Dermot Killingley

Dermot is chair of the S. Y. Killingley Memorial Trust, which gives grants to part-time learners in the arts and humanities in the North-East ( It was founded in 2005 in memory of my wife Siew-Yue Killingley (1940-2004), who was a professional scholar, and also a musician and a poet.

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