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The committee room at the Lit & Phil

The capacity to be offended is not just a phenomenon attributable to the age of instant messaging (although by virtue of their ease of use,  they have arguably exacerbated it). In its over 200 year history, The Lit & Phil has certainly had members with strongly held views on many many topics, some interesting and important and some of a ... perhaps rather trivial nature.

Members have certainly been forward in making suggestions about how the Society should conduct its business and a way to access some of the more entertaining ones is through the Society’s recommendations books where comments on all matter of concerns, from the use of perfumed soap in the gentlemen’s wash-room to the request for the removal of a book considered to be “of low tone and decadent type”. They also give a small insight into how concerns have changed.

Paul Gailiunas, a member of the Society, has extracted some of the more entertaining entries from the recommendations books into a short booklet called “Filling The Room With Smoke” and you may read the whole thing here on line: Stories

The same page also displays four short pamphlets under the general title of "Art and Artefacts", produced by member Alison Menzies, each one giving details about the sculptures, paintings and other items of interest at the Lit & Phil in different areas of the library.

No matter how many times you may have been in the library, you have almost certainly missed something and even if you have walked past a painting or a bust many times,  you may well not have known anything about it or its history. These pamphlets are a great way to get to know the Society better.

About the author

Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is a composer and arranger, is a member of the Board of the Lit & Phil and chair of the Music Committee.

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