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A message from our President Alexander Armstrong

Alexander Armstrong in the Committee Room at the Lit & Phil

Dear Everybody

It’s so sad to think that even the great Lit & Phil has had to close its doors against this virus. I usually get such pleasure from picturing the warm glow of the library lights even on the darkest days and thinking of the loyal family of staff, members and friends that keep the Lit & Phil going and make it such a special place. 

There are already signs of hope though, even if they are still some way off. I was talking yesterday to a friend in France who had shut down his family winery in the full expectation that 2020 would just have to be a write-off. He checked in with the business on Monday only to discover that all his Chinese clients have come back online, and the order book is filling up again: it looks like there is good news from the other side of this lockdown (even if only booze-related at this stage)! In these strange days when we’ve been deprived of contact with loved ones and have lost those vital links with our community (that, let’s face it, are sometimes what keep us sane) we have to look forward to better times and try as much as we can to make the best of this time of lockdown. 

Gyles Brandreth was saying he intended to use the time to read all those classic works of literature that he’s somehow never got around to picking up (but has always pretended to know...). I say maybe it’s time to start writing some new works of literature! Set yourself the task of completing 500 words a day (you can worry about the quality of what you’ve written when you do your second draft!). 

Whatever you get up to and however you get through it, I send you all my very best wishes. Shall we have an enormous party when this is over? There’ll be plenty to celebrate...

Yours in shared seclusion


Alexander Armstrong

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