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Breathe in me

Kate Halsall is a regular visitor to the Lit & Phil giving both solo piano concerts and often in collaboration with others. She has just released a new album recorded in the Lit & Phil.

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New books July 2021

Every month, the Lit & Phil buys new books - we're a library after all! Here are just four that have come in recently

Painting of The Bellerophon ship

The Rotherams

Newcastle has a long history of families whose members have contributed enormously to the world of learning and discovery. The Rotherams are a fine such example.

The Rosetta Stone

Hieroglyphs from the North

The term 'Rosetta Stone' is now used to refer to the essential clue to a new field of knowledge. Read about its connection to the Newcastle mummy, Bakt-en-Hor, and how its inscriptions were amongst the earliest hieroglyphic texts to be read by French scholar and Egyptologist Jean-François Champollion.

The sailing ship ‘Anne’ leaving the Tyne.

A Tyneside Heritage

Perhaps not surprisingly for a Literary Society, there are quite a few authors among our members. Although he now lives in London, Peter Chapman was born in the North East, still maintains strong links here and is still a member of the Lit & Phil. His new book, is ‘A Tyneside Heritage’ a fascinating story interweaving 150 years of local and family history is now published and available from Waterstones and Blackwells.

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