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Hellenes and Philhellenes

On March 25th, 2021, Greeks celebrate two hundred years since they became an independent country after the revolution against their Ottoman rulers. They had been under this rule for 400 years as a result of the fall of Constantinople. Greek author Lito Seizani, born in Athens, has written a short blog to celebrate the  anniversary.


Newcastle’s first Mummy, Bakt-en-Hor

Egyptian mummies have long had a strange fascination. None more so than the one brought from Thebes in Egypt to Newcastle in 1820 and given to the museum at the Lit & Phil in 1821 when 10,000 people came to see it. It's now in the Hancock Museum in Newcastle. This is the story of Bakt-en-Hor.

Portals of Magic

A library or a bookshop can be a wonderous place with so much waiting to be discovered. Step through the doors for a magical experience.

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