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Photo of Cinzia Hardy

My debt to the Lit & Phil

The November Club, the North East based performing arts company, has had a long, fruitful and enjoyable link with The Lit&Phil and has presented some memorable events and productions there. Outgoing artistic director Cinzia Hardy reflects on how that relationship developed and the rewards it has brought.

The Talented Ms Highsmith

Novelist Patricia Highsmith was born on the 19th January 1921. By all accounts a strange women with unpleasant views (although she was kind to snails) she was a hugely talented author and wrote 22 novels and many short stories including Stranger On A Train and the five novels about Tom Ripley.

Tales of Lost and Found - and Told

In December 2020 a small group of people met together at The Lit&Phil to celebrate the launch of Tales Lost and Found and Told, an event which was streamed live on YouTube. The initiative came from Cinzia Hardy, the then Artistic Director of The November Club and the tales were written by Fiona Ellis who has written a short blog about the background and making of the tales.

Computing comes clean

Many English words have Latin roots. In an informative, entertaining and witty blog, Lit&Phil member and Latin lecturer Alan Beale looks backwards to Latin and forwards to how some words have changed and developed in English.

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