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January | Tue 29th | 18:00

Everything is Permitted, Restrictions Still Apply - a Psychoanalytic Perspective on Social Dislocation, Narcissism and Post-Truth with Ian Thurston FREE

Everything is Permitted, Restrictions Still Apply – a psychoanalytic perspective on contemporary life

Ian Thurston, a public sector psychoanalytic psychotherapist working and hailing from the north east and a longtime member of the literary and philosophical society presents some of the central themes of his recently published first book “Everything is Permitted, Restrictions Still Apply – a Psychoanalytic Perspective on Social Dislocation, Narcissism and Post-truth”. He argues that there is a need to better understand the polarized thinking evident amongst populist right and progressive left alike, and the presence of underlying motivations that might be at odds with professed political ideology. The author applies a historicized psychoanalytic perspective on these phenomena, highlighting the decline and denigration of the old centres of traditional industry, and the rise of an increasingly narcissistic culture, in which emotional narratives of victimhood trump the need for evidence and the claims of “traditional” expertise and authority. He links these phenomena to contemporary social defences against facing loss, limitation and internal conflict. In order to illustrate his thinking he uses using examples from history, literature, and popular culture, including the recent travails of Newcastle United.

There will be opportunity for discussion and debate.


Ian Thurston was brought up on Tyneside. He graduated with a first class degree in English Literature from Newcastle University. He has many years of experience of working in public sector mental health care, in Tyneside and London, initially as a psychiatric nurse and later as a psychotherapist. He is currently working as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist within the NHS. He is a long time member of the Literary and Philosophical society.


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