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December | Tue 11th | 19:15

Piano Recital - Mark Carroll £8/6


1. Shostakovich - Prelude in D major, op.34

2. Chopin - Prelude, Op.28, no.15 ('Raindrop')

3. Scriabin - Impromptu in B flat minor, Op.12

4. Feldman - 'Palais de mari'


1. Debussy - 'Children's Corner'

2. Chopin - Nocturne in C minor, op 48, no.1

3. Alkan - 'Fa' from 'Chants', Op.38b, no.2

4. Carroll [me] - ' tears in rain'   (World premiere)


In 2012, after a degree in languages/linguistics and a decade working in business development, Mark revisited his musical childhood and retrained as a composer, cellist, pianist, and music tutor. Since then, his piano repertoire has expanded to focus mainly on late 19th, 20th, and 21st century works, while in his compositions he has explored his own varied musical influences alongside Western ‘art’ music from recent decades.

Although Mark’s most recent compositions have focused on developing Surrealist music with strong theatrical elements, his music is as varied as his tastes: in his music will be found clear elements of 20th/21st century avant-garde or experimental music alongside persistent undercurrents of jazz, folk, and earlier periods of classical music, all held together by new approaches to structure and notation. An abiding interest in Surrealism and psychoanalysis lurk beneath the surface, along with a lapsed habit of playing the bagpipes...


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