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May | Mon 22nd | 18:00

Future Thinkers on Architecture FREE

Architecture Masters students present a series of five minute presentations in quick succession investigating key theories and subjects from the wider arts and sciences that could potentially inform and influence the field of architecture.

This session will include the following short talks:

A Hafsat - Compact Cities: The Impact of Urban Intensification on Quality of Life.

E Baines – The World as an Image: Occularcentrism in Mass Media & ContemporaryArchitectural Practice.

F Bill - Cross-Over Architecture: Can the tools used in Cross-Over Literature be applied to Architecture.

D Breslin – Taste, Colour, Texture: The Design Process of a Michelin Starred Chef.

E Burroughs - Domestic Clutter and the Architect: Analysing the Organisation of the Things at Home.

B Chan - Culture reflection on architectural description in different languages.

YS Chan - Spirit of Subterranean Areas: The human perception of underground space.

J Chandler - Pulled Through: The enduring authenticity of the community pub.

HK Chun - The importance of Japanese Public Bathing Culture on Urban Development.

J Cowling - A Bridge of Weak Ties: Cultural Relationships in the Small World of Architecture.

J Elleray - Plugged-in: The impacts of pervasive gaming on the built environment.

J Feeney – Shaped Shapers: How cultural practices influence the processes of the architect and architecture.

C Forshaw - The Architect and Cultural Identity: How are memorial spaces used within cities to portray cultural identity.

H Forsyth - Bank Architecture: Portraying Security in a Digital Age.

M Hagyard - Food in the Community: How does food impact on our cities.

C Herron - Technological influences on behavioural codes in society and social interaction.

SC Hung - How do colours influence human emotions?

D Ireland – Social Cohesion: Wellbeing and the Effectiveness of Cinema


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