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May | Tue 23rd | 18:00

Future Thinkers on Architecture FREE

Architecture Masters students present a series of five minute presentations in quick succession investigating key theories and subjects from the wider arts and sciences that could potentially inform and influence the field of architecture.

This session will include the following short talks:

K Jacka - The Virtue-Centric Architect: The Architectural Manifestations of Human Virtues.

J Marshall - Wabi-Sabi & Architecture.

E Morgan - Complexity and Architecture: How does complexity theory relate to the practice of Architecture.

G Narciso - Branding, Consumerism and Architecture: An analytical study of Branding and

C O’Connell - The Architect and The Consumer: “The Dupe” & “The Hero”

G Paul - The notion of a fragmented society: The development of community into a new multi-level social construct.

J Pearson - Architecture & Brand Development: The Craft Brewing Industry within Newcastle upon Tyne.

J Primmer - How can an extrospective framework assessment of a community contribute to urban and community architecture.

A Sage - How and why do architects approach the inclusion of biophilic design in their work.

F Sedgewick - The Craft of Pottery: Art, Art therapy and Architecture.

L Smith - Exploring the social implications of the rise in single person households in Britain: The Benefits of introducing co-housing communities.

P Smith - Storytelling + Architecture: A study of storytelling through studio Ghibli’s “Spirited Away”

C Snell - The Architect and The Umwelt: An exploration of architecture and the perceptual worlds of different organisms.

A Taylor – The Commercialisation of Craft: The Architects Role in in a Modern Material Environment.

QM Trinh - Cooking Architecture: A Taste in Architectural Design

P Wontner – The Uncanny and Contemporary Design

T Yeadon - Hygge & Architecture: Considering Human Emotion in Design.

K Yung - Transportation Revolution: The future airport


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