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July | Wed 19th | 19:00

The Adventures of Richard Spruce FREE

Richard Spruce was a little known botanical explorer of the 19th Century. During his 15 year expedition in the Amazon region he collected over 7000 new species and made a key contribution in cultivating the quinine bark in the Amazon which was the first antidote in the prevention and cure of malaria.

Told in the first person from original quotes from Spruce’s journals and letters, the story recounts how he endured impossible conditions, narrowly avoided civil war and struggled with a series of illnesses both real and imagined.

Audiences will explore Spruce’s findings in a highly visual and experiential journey of this determined hypochondriac whose obsessional eye for detail and passion for botany made him one of the largest contributors towards 19th Century Pharmacy and botanical sciences.

The Adventures of Richard Spruce, funded by the Wellcome Trust is an electronic ebook using moving image, sound and narrative to recount this extraordinary adventure.

Audiences will be invited to learn about botanical explorer Richard Spruce through a reading and presentation of animated graphic novel The Adventures of Richard Spruce. A section of the story will be read aloud accompanied by animations and illustrations from the book.


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