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August | Mon 14th | 19:00

Mudfog Press presents Peter Adegbie and the last poems of the late Gordon Hodgeon FREE

Peter Adegbie’s collection Words are Water Springs starts with a powerful and memorable invocation to the gods of his homeland. The rest are the poet’s cry for the innocent girls of Nigeria unkindly abducted by senseless Boko Haram, howls to the West for rationality in the treatment of refugees in Calais covering the topics that embarrass the selfish 'civilised' community today. Throughout this poetry the bones of the dead weep for sanity in a world, which has become self-centred, a 'talking drum without a drumming stick'. Line is piled upon line, image upon image, the result is an incredible energy, which is poured out on every page - these are delightful poems.
Jack Mapanje

Gordon Hodgeon (1941-2016) was a poet, teacher and arts activist, hugely influential in the worlds of education, publishing and poetry in the North East for 40 years. For the last 8 years, after unsuccessful operations on his spine, he was left unable to move his arms and legs or breathe without a ventilator. This booklet contains Gordon's last poems. They address with unflinching honesty and remarkable tenderness the leaving of this world and the death of the body.

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