Membership 2015/16

Reading in main library

The Library

Ordinary Membership - £115
May borrow 12 books at one time. 

Family Membership two adults and children under 18 £165 (may borrow 18 books at one time, plus an additional book for each child under 18).

Associate Membership - anyone under the age of 30 £60. May borrow 6 books at one time.

Student Membership - anyone in full-time study £40 (may borrow 6 books at any time).
Please bring in either a student union card or a matriculation card.

Junior Membership - anyone under the age of 18 £12. May borrow 6 books at one time. 

Friends' Membership - for people who want to support the library but don't need borrowing rights. You will receive four mailings and regular email updates. £55

The Music Library

Gramophone Only Membership (Adults) – £75 may borrow up to 5 CDs/DVDs and 6 music related items at a time.

Additional Gramophone Membership for existing book members £35

Gramophone Only (Associates)  £28

Gramophone Only (Student)   £20

Gramophone Only (Junior)   £12

Additional Gramophone Membership £10 for existing Associate, £8 for Student and £6 for Junior members.

You can buy any membership as a gift


Alternative Memberships

Postal Membership - Do you live too far away to visit us?
Why not become a postal member. Join in any of the categories above and pay the postage on the books you borrow.

Corporate MembershipClick here to download the brochure including application form.

Joining Form (word document)

Gift Aid Form

Direct Debit Form

As a member of the Lit and Phil you can borrow most of our books published after 1850. You can renew books over the phone, by email, or in person, at no charge.

If members can supply an email address, we will notify you of imminent events, enabling you to make an early reservation.

Each member will receive a newsletter four times a year.