The Willington Waggonway: a rival to Stockton and Darlington

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Wednesday 31st January | 1:00 pm

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Image provided by promoter of book cover. The Willington Waggonway: a rival to Stockton and Darlington

Book Launch | Les Turnbull.

Using new documentary and archaeological evidence, the book offers a different interpretation of the history of our railways which challenges the reputation of George Stephenson and the Stockton and Darlington Railway. It argues that the 19th century railway revolution began with the lecture at the Lit & Phil on 11th February 1800 by William Thomas, the mining engineer at Elizabeth Montagu’s colliery and a founder member of the Society. He was the first to suggest that railways could be used to transport not only minerals but also other merchandise and passengers between centres of population. And it is ideas which create revolutions.

Les Turnbull has had a lifelong interest in railways, and he has lectured widely throughout the region and beyond especially on early railways which has become his principal research interest. On retirement he became a volunteer at the North of England Mining Institute where he serves to this day. He is acknowledged as an expert on the Great Northern Coalfield, which was the cradle of the railway, and has written several books on the subject. Recently, the Institute has published a series of books arising from his research work on early railways and The Willington Way is the final book in the series.


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