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Thursday 14th March | 6:00 pm

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Image of a melting glacial in the Antarctic, sourced from Unsplashed

Thursday 14th March | 6:00 pm

The ninth in this series of talks in collaboration with Northumbria University.

Wild card Antarctica
Jo Zanker (Geography and Environmental Sciences)

The Antarctic Ice Sheet has been losing ice in recent decades. Even though it is located at the South Pole, it’s ice loss causes sea-levels to rise all around the world – also in the UK and along the coast in the North East. And the Antarctic Ice Sheet has by far the largest potential to raise sea-levels: if all its ice was melted, global sea level would rise by more than 50 meters. At the moment, it’s contribution is smaller than that of other components, such as the Greenland Ice Sheet. But what will happen under sustained global warming? And how much could Antarctica contribute to sea-level rise over the coming decades to centuries?


Earth’s ice melting; what can we do?
Prof Andy Shepherd (Geography and Environmental Sciences)

Andrew uses satellites to study the physical processes of Earth’s climate, with his main contributions to science involving the development of remote observations of the cryosphere. He is currently Professor of Earth Observation at the University of Leeds, Director of the NERC Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling, Principal Scientific Advisor to the European Space Agency CryoSat satellite mission, and co-leader of the ESA-NASA Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-comparison Exercise. His talk will explain how Earth’s climate is changing, the role that satellites have played in detecting changes in the cryosphere and in improving predictions, and how this helps us to make informed decisions.


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