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Thursday 25th April | 6:00 pm

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Thursday 25th April | 6:00 pm

The tenth in this series of talks in collaboration with Northumbria University.

The dark side of plant proteins
Dr Victor Zevallos (Applied Sciences)
Plant proteins constitute a rich and complex source of nutrients with health benefits. However, partial digestion of plant proteins often produces bioactive components (peptides) that can directly interact with our immune system, triggering inflammatory reactions. For instance, proteins from cereals have been identified as the main drivers of intestinal inflammation in coeliac disease through relatively well described immune mechanisms. Recently, we have identified wheat proteins as strong activators of inflammation in organs such as brain and lungs, affecting the development of related autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, we identified bacterial strains with capacity to modulate the inflammatory effects of wheat proteins, opening the possibility to develop attractive therapeutic targets and to understand the connection between diet, microbiota, and inflammation.


Fat for thought – Are fats in your diet really frying your brain?
Dr Ann-Katrin Kraeuter (Health and Life Sciences)
The Ketogenic diet – high fat low sugar – is a popular weight-loss diet. But its effect on our mental health are largely unexplored. Within my research, we investigate the effects of  a ketogenic diet in the general population. We have found that ketogenic diet improves mood and cognition and decreases anxiety, depression and a personality trait linked to schizophrenia. How? Nobody really knows, but a ketogenic diet provides for our “hungry” brains an alternative fuel source of fat, and has been shown to reduce inflammation within the body. In addition, a ketogenic diet results in a change of the bacteria within our gut, which might potentially influence its positive effects.


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