Lit & Phil Tours

Wednesday 3rd January to Saturday 21st December



Famous Lit & Phil tours “Behind the Books” are back!

We are delighted to report our Lit & Phil tours have now resumed! Our famous tours are completely free and all led by our team of award-winning guides. Tours will follow a prescribed route to comply with social distancing guidelines. Due to limited capacity please make sure to contact the library to reserve your place.

Upcoming tour dates are as follows:

Saturday 6th July | 10:30AM
Saturday 6th July | 11:30AM
Wednesday 10th July | 10:30AM
Wednesday 10th July | 11:30AM
Wednesday 17th July | 10:30AM
Wednesday 17th July | 11:30AM | SOLD OUT
Saturday 20th July | 10:30AM
Saturday 20th July | 11:30AM

Saturday 3rd August | 10:30AM
Saturday 3rd August | 11:30AM
Wednesday 14th August | 10:30AM
Wednesday 14th August | 11:30AM
Saturday 17th August | 10:30AM
Saturday 17th August | 11:30AM
Wednesday 21st August | 10:30AM
Wednesday 21st August | 11:30AM

Saturday 7th September | 10:30AM
Saturday 7th September | 11:30AM
Wednesday 11th September | 10:30AM
Wednesday 11th September | 11:30AM
Wednesday 18th September | 10:30AM
Wednesday 18th September | 11:30AM
Saturday 21st September | 10:30AM
Saturday 21st September | 11:30AM

Saturday 5th October | 10:30AM
Saturday 5th October | 11:30AM
Wednesday 16th October | 10:30AM
Wednesday 16th October | 11:30AM
Wednesday 16th October | 10:30AM
Wednesday 16th October | 11:30AM
Saturday 19th October | 10:30AM
Saturday 19th October | 11:30AM

Saturday 2nd November | 10:30AM
Saturday 2nd November | 11:30AM
Wednesday 14th November | 10:30AM
Wednesday 14th November | 11:30AM
Saturday 16th November | 10:30AM
Saturday 16th November | 11:30AM
Wednesday 20th November | 10:30AM
Wednesday 20th November | 11:30AM

Saturday 7th December | 10:30AM
Saturday 7th December | 11:30AM
Wednesday 11th December | 10:30AM
Wednesday 11th December | 11:30AM
Wednesday 18th December | 10:30AM
Wednesday 18th December | 11:30AM
Saturday 21st December | 10:30AM
Saturday 21st December | 11:30AM

To book a place please email us here or phone us on: 0191 2320192

If you have any problems, please email us at:

‘Pay what you wish’

There is no set ticket price for this event, but if you would like to make a small donation to support the good work of The Lit & Phil we would be very grateful. Click the link above to donate via Paypal.