Gillray, Royals and Censorship

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Monday 15th April | 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

LIVE Lit & Phil Event | £5

Gillray Taking Physick

Monday 15th April 2024 | 6pm

A talk by Tim Clayton

For a decade between 1785 and 1795 George III and Queen Charlotte were the most prominent faces in Gillray’s satire, and the scandalous love lives of their children became similarly familiar to admirers of Gillray’s work. Some royals, such as the Prince of Wales, even collected his work themselves. But the licence of printsellers provoked a backlash from the conservative wing of the establishment, especially after the French Revolution, and after 1795 it became illegal to caricature the King. It is often claimed that caricaturists were immune to legal action, but some printsellers were punished and some prints were altered, suppressed or destroyed. In this talk Tim Clayton will discuss some of the liberties that caricaturists took and some of the penalties they came to face as they tested the limits to the freedom of the press – a burning issue then that remains highly relevant today.

James Gillray: a Revolution in Satire won the Apollo Art Book of the Year award for 2023 and the Berger Prize for the best book on British Art

‘Masterly’ Martin Rowson, Guardian; ‘Fascinating’ Peter Brookes, The Times; ‘Wonderful’ Freya Johnston, Literary Review.

Apollo Book of the Year 2023; Winner of the Berger Prize 2023

LIVE Lit & Phil Event | £5

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