Classical Association Lecture: Caroline Barron’s talk

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Wednesday 1st May | 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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Wednesday 1st May | 6pm

A talk by Caroline Barron

‘“A dupe to the puffs and tricks of all kinds of dealers!” Fake Latin inscriptions and their Collection in Eighteenth Century England’


Latin inscriptions on stone were faked throughout the eighteenth century to be sold on the Italian art market to English Grand Tourists, who acquired them believing to be genuine souvenirs of antiquity. This talk explores what kinds of inscriptions were faked, how they were understood by those who collected them, and how they have been identified as forgeries today. By bringing the interests of both Italian forgers and British collectors together, to consider the reciprocal nature of their interaction, this talk questions why epigraphic texts were so susceptible to forgery in this particular period.

A LIVE Lit & Phil Event | FREE

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