6 week creative writing course (Afternoon)

Friday 4th October | 1:00 pm to Friday 8th November | 3:00 pm

LIVE Lit & Phil Event | £90

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Creative Writing 2

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Friday 4th October – Friday 8th November | 1 – 3 pm

Tutors Ellen Phethean and Kathleen Kenny

6 Week Creative Writing Course at the Lit & Phil

Ever fancied dipping your toes into creative writing waters? If so, this short course might be just what you are looking for. It is suitable for both new and experienced writers who wish to explore their creativity and improve their skills. Using examples of work from published authors we will familiarize ourselves with the writing techniques employed by others, learning how to read critically and how to tackle short writing exercises designed to ignite our imaginations and encourage the creative flow.

Fee £90 payable in advance.

To register an interest in the course please contact the Lit and Phil, tel: 0191 232 0192

Or, contact Kathleen at kbkenny1899@yahoo.co.uk for any additional information.