10 Week Novel Writing Course at the Lit & Phil (Afternoon 2-4pm)

Tuesday 30th January | 2:00 pm to Tuesday 2nd April | 5:00 pm

LIVE Lit & Phil Event | £150 | 2-4pm

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Creative Writing Course at the Lit & Phil

Tutor Ellen Phethean

Start the New Year with a resolution: to get that novel started/moving/finished!
A ten week novel writing course with tutor Ellen Phethean beginning Tuesday 30th January 2 – 4 Lit and Phil and finishing Tuesday 2nd April.
Ellen will set exercises and give advice and encouragement to keep your writing on track.

Sign up via Lit & Phil Tel 0191 2320192 or email phetheanellen237@gmail.com for more information.

Course cost is £150 payable to Ellen at the beginning of the course.