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New online library system

Our new online system allows members to see the books they have on loan, and the date they are due back. You may then renew them if you wish. Additionally, you can reserve books on-line too.

1. To login you will need a pin number - call the Lit & Phil who will generate a number for you. Alternatively, click the “log on” button on the left hand side of the catalogue page, then click “Forgot Password?”. A dialogue box will then open asking for your barcode number, entering this and clicking OK will cause the system to email you a password.

2. Click on the 'Online Catalogue' icon on this page. You will be asked to enter the barcode number from your library ticket and password (which is the pin number). Click 'Sign in'.

3. The screen now says 'You are logged in as...' From here you can choose various user activities by clicking the button on the left hand panel.

4. Click on 'My Loans and Renewals' to see the books you currently have on loan. To renew books click in the box to the left of the item to select it and then click on 'Renew Selection', or to renew all loaned books click 'Renew All'.

The button 'My Loan History' will show you all the books you have loaned since we moved to this system.

5. Click on 'My Reservations' to see details of any books you have reserved. If you would like to reserve an item from the catalogue, click on it to bring up the full record. Click on the 'Reserve' button to request it and we will call or email assoon as the item is ready for collection.

6. To logoff at the end of the session click on the button on the left hand side.


We are preserving and enhancing one of the finest independent collections in the country, adding at least 1000 books each year to our 150,000 total. You will find important historical collections that cover every field of interest alongside the best in current fiction and fact.

Check the catalogue for a specific book, or just to get an idea of what’s available.


The Lit & Phil has the most extensive collection of music and related material in the North. The printed music includes the complete works of Bach, Beethoven, Berlioz, Handel, Mozart and Purcell. In total the library holds over 5,000 volumes of music and books about music. The recorded music collection has over 12,000 items in stock, and specialises in the classical repertoire, there is also a strong jazz collection. Collections of Spoken Word, Folk and DVDs are also being developed.

Periodicals and Newspapers

Every day that we’re open, we take the Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian and the Journal.

We have a wide selection of magazines and periodicals available for members to borrow. These include general interest magazines, literary and political weeklies and numerous academic journals.

Members may also consult our vast collection of journals dating back to the 18th century. We also hold significant runs of modern magazines such as the New Scientist and National Geographic. The majority of the magazines currently bought by the Library will be incorporated into our permanent collection for the benefit of future members. Please consult our catalogues or consult a member of staff for more information.

Wesley Historical Society

Wesley Historical Society

Books belonging to the North East Branch of the Wesley Historical Society, deposited at the Library of the Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society